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*Shipping ETA is February 29th.*

Designed to bring more variety to the MCX platform, the MCX XTN now allows the use of standard length MCX/Virtus handgaurds on a Rattler length upper receiver as well as MCX/Virtus upper receivers with Legacy handguards.


There is roughly a two inch difference between a standard MCX/Virtus upper receiver which makes those handgaurds not compatible with Rattler length uppers. This is also the case with MCX/Virtus upper receivers and Legacy handguards.


The MCX XTN is precision machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with black Anodize.


If you plan on running an aiming device on the the handgaurd we recommend using a switch/button where the XTN and upper receiver connect to lock the XTN in place.


*XTN has only been tested on factory Sig Sauer handguards and Lancer systems CF* any question regarding other handgaurds please contact us prior to ordering.


**Not compatible with 10.5” 5.56 barrel or longer combined with any Lancer Systems CF handguard **

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